Community-first ceramics studio management

Ceraspace is a community driven studio management solution specifically crafted for ceramics.

Pottery wheel
Ceramics studio shelves
Paint your pottery
Ceramics wheel
Ceramics class
Wheel throwing

Nurture & grow your community

Members (and prospective members) are at the heart of any studio

Curate an engaging membership experience. Manage onboarding, offboarding, pauses, and shelves simply with a purpose-built solution.

Ceramics class pottery
Wheel throwing sponge

Be the communicator you want to be

Ceraspace comes with communication templates and a flexible mass-emailer for better community engagement.

Master your studio operations with ease

Ceraspace is building a customizable management system for ceramics studios. Join for free now to take the stress out of the day-to-day.

Ceramics wheel throwing class